In numerous projects and initiatives we are  lobbying for the promotion of cycling as a way of sustainable urban transport and eco tourism. As cycling is related to many different fields of action such as ecology, transport, health, environment, education, regional development our activities are spread to a very wide range.

Projects and activities performed

We are partners in 2 current project – The iron Curtain Trail (www.ict13.eu  financed by South East Europe) and the Bike to work – Smart Choice for Commuters (www.bike2work-project.eu , financed by Intelligent Energy).  We also took part in the Leadership Development Programme of ECF as  recipients of funds for organizational Development in Bulgaria of our Association. In relation to the projects and as a part of our activities in Bulgaria and the region we initiated and led the following initiatives:

-       KERABAN Change of laws and regulations in favor of cycling. We have identified a major obstacle for implementation of cycling policies; that certain laws and regulations should be changed or altered.

-       INSPIRED Inclusion of cycling policies in the plans for regional development and in all relevant national strategies.

-       Bulgarian cycling Strategy – Launching the preparatory process of the elaboration of the Bulgarian Cycling Strategy.

-       PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT screening process for cycling related policies in the recently published Partnership Agreement between Bulgaria and the EC for 2014-2020.

-       WISH LETTER  – Initiative about the fulfillment of the pre-election promises from the political parties from the perspective of cycling.

-       EUROVELO development (www.eurovelo.com). We are the national EuroVelo coordinator in Bulgaria and we lead the initiative for launching the Black Sea Cycling Trail along the coast from Ukraine to Istanbul.

Short  description of the general activity and resources

 We have 3 staff members on work contract  and several members which volunteer regularly. Our activities are linked to the Bulgarian cycling network which is created by 17 cycling related organizations with more than 2000 members. Our budget from the projects allow us to keep sustainable activities and organize further financial support from CSR funds.

We are one of the beneficiaries of the Leadership Development Programe of the Industry Club of ECF and we receive funds to support our  organizational development in Bulgaria.

Other Projects

As ECF members we  took part several initiatives in the recent years for the disseminatoipn in Bulgaria

 - Pedestrian safety and the European Citizen’s Initiative for a 30km/h speed limit in urban areas.

 - ECF Position on Safer HGV Cabs

 - “Halving injury and fatality rates for cyclists by 2020”: ECF Charter on the  4th EU Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020

Another relevant activity was our participation as a dissemination partner in the  application of the  H2020 R&D proposal for Objective M.G. 3.4 “Traffic safety analysis and integrated approach towards the safety of Vulnerable Road Users”. Our proposal was for two innovative ideas: the first one is based on new Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) to protect the Vulnerable Road Users by a behaviour prediction system to improve the reaction time of the simple detection systems; and on a second stage to introduce the eCall system in these collectives and improve current safety equipments that are normally in use.



Brain Storming for a NUDGE for mobility behavior change of commuters

Brain Storming for a NUDGE for mobility behavior change of commuters 1

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