UntitledWISH LETTER – Introduction of cycling policies into the pre-election campaign promises from the political parties.  After the elections – lobby work for the implementation of the promised cycling policies. This is a powerful tool to attract attention from the politicians as cyclists are a valuable source of potential voters.


Focus of the panel

  • Exploiting national and municipal elections for introduction of cycling policies into the pre-election campaigns and lobbing for further implementation
  • Linking the ECF’s EP elections survey to future national elections discussion about the fulfilment of the pre-election promises from the political parties
  • The political support for the implementation of current EU funded projects, in particular the Action Plan of the ICT project.

Concept: Use of the ECF’s Manifesto from the European Parliament Elections 2014 as a basis for formulating national or local cycling policies to be inserted into the election campaign:

1. EU funds for cycle projects

2. Support EuroVelo, the European cycle route network

3. Safer motorised vehicles for pedestrians and cyclists

4. A level playing-field for cycling with other transport modes

5. Better air quality in Europe

6. Transport and health: The benefits of cycling in health policy and the health dimension in transport appraisal

7. Cycling fully integrated in the multi-modal transport system

8. Statistics and data collection on cycle use

9. A European Master Plan for the promotion of cycling

10. An EU transport modal split target for 2030

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