BCA is currently working on generating project ideas and will support brainstorming in this direction.

These  are the current calls we are working on to generate new project ideas.

Any suggestions, proposals and discussions are welcome.

Infrastructure call

Safety/connected call

SUMP call


SMART Cities

Societal challenges


Sample Project ideas for development in the areas of urban mobility and sustainable tourism:

 Project idea 1 : Contra flow – Enabling cycling in one way streets against the motorized traffic.

.Project idea 2 : INSPIRED – Inclusion of cycling policies in the plans for regional development and other key strategies

Project idea 3 : KERABAN Changing laws and regulation in favor of cycling

Project idea 4 : Black Sea Cycling Trail – Better mobility and access to cities along the next EuroVelo route

Project idea 5 : VELOSOPHIA – Raising awareness for the importance of cycling policies in cities

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