In December 2014 we started the initiative for Scanning of the Bulgarian Operational Programs regarding EU Funds for 2014-2020.


How does it work?

In case of scanning we search for “keywords” which can be:

  • Explicit (primary keywords) in text of the “status report”
  • Implicit reference (secondary keywords) in text of the “actions”
  • Explicit reference (cycling explicitly referred) in the text the actions
  • Indirect connection (suspect under general headings) in the text of the actions

In case we find an explicit reference at the actions we search for a separate amount for cycling.

In case we find any reference at the actions but no separate budget for cycling we estimate the budget for cycling based on the budget of the measure and the estimated share of cycling within that measure. In case of estimation we advise to be conservative.


Thematic objectives:

  • Thematic Objective 1 – Research and Innovation
  • Thematic Objective 2 – ICT
  • Thematic Objective 3 – SME competitiveness
  • Thematic Objective 4 – Low Carbon Economy
  • Thematic Objective 5 – Adaptation and Risk Management
  • Thematic Objective 6 – Environment and Resource Efficiency
  • Thematic Objective 7 – Sustainable transport and network bottlenecks
  • Thematic Objective 8 – Employment and Labour Mobility
  • Thematic Objective 9 – Social Inclusion and Poverty
  • Thematic Objective 10 – Education
  • Thematic Objective 11 – Institutional Capacity


Primary keywords:

  • Cycling
  • Bicycle

Secondary keywords:

  • Sustainable transport
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Green infrastructure
  • Soft mobility
  • Urban transport
  • Sustainable (transport) modes
  • Multimodality
  • Sustainable tourism

Indirect connection:

  • Land transportation
  • Roads
  • Tourism
  • SME development
  • Training and Campaign


Result and report from the scanning:


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